German Supermoto Championship Rd3, Grossenhain

Pr13483301_10209535301130021_5195465437243274006_oevious weekend the third round of the German Supermoto Championship was held at the airfield og South East German Grossenhain.

After the doubtful placements at 2nd round, Rasmus went from a 2nd to a 5th in the overall championship standings – things was about to change!

 – Picture by Mario Hamburg


Saturday went with to free practice sessions, one timed practice and first heat.

The track was new to Rasmus as last time he was in Grossenhain two years ago, they had a completely different track design. Now the track demanded more of the rider and especially in the off-road.


First FP went with getting to know the new track layout and get a good feeling – at the end of the session Rasmus had 3rd best lap time.


The lap times were a bit improved but so was it for the other riders on the track. At the end of this session, Rasmus was on a 6th place. The bike had a fresh set of tires and was ready for the timed practice before the first heat.


Rasmus managed to shave 0,2 sec of the laptime which gave him a 5th place on the start grid for the first heat later on the day.


About two hours before the first heat, the skies opened and everything was under water. Earlier the water showed to dry off quick though and while the track was in use there was slowly starting to show a dry line.

The tire choice before the race was rain in front and slick in the rear, as the track was going to be too dry for a rain in rear.

When Rasmus was in the Parc Ferme 5 minutes before the race it started to drip a bit from the skies. His girlfriend tried to calm him down by saying it surely would not get worse. However, as the rain slowly started to fall team boss Andre Raab and team colleague Thomas Rützel came rushing in Parc Ferme with a rear wheel for rain asking if we should change to a complete rain setup.

With under a minute to go, the team went with the decision of a full rain setup and Andre, Thomas and Rasmus changed the rear wheel together.

As the first riders started to go to the start grid, the last nut was fixed and Rasmus kicked the TM and went to the grid.

The red lights went off and with the massive TM-power Rasmus got a good start and went from 5th to 2nd place as he managed to keep until the checkered!




The first ride of the Sunday gave Rasmus a good feeling. Even though slower riders held him back a bit he got the lap time under 1 minute and 22 sec so the feeling was good with the fastest lap time and a somewhat good flow prior to the last race of the weekend.


The red lights went on and a rider next to Rasmus released the clutch too early. The same did almost the complete front row shortly after. That resulted in a lot of confusion at the start of the heat that sat down the speed of the riders in front. Therefore, Rasmus felt a bit slowed down the first couple of laps as he was on 6th place.

When the jump-starting riders went in for their “stop and go”, the rest of the heat was clear track where he could ride in a secure 2nd place.

Unfortunately, on the second to last lap a rider behind him drove into his rear wheel coming out of a corner. The rear wheel of the TM spun out and Rasmus took a ride in the grass with the bike. After picking up the bike fast, he managed to get back on track in 4th place and thereby cross the finish line in 4th!


All in all a good weekend and Rasmus is now on a fourth overall in the championship standings with only 4 points behind the first place! With only three rounds left it is set for a lot of good racing.


Many thanks for such an amazing team effort during the weekend and thanks to the best sponsors in the world! We look forward to the next round in Schaafheim that will take place on a karting track with an off-road on the 16-17th of July.