ADAC IDSM P3 Vice Champion 2016!!

So happy to be able to claim the title as Vice Champion of the Supermoto P3 class 2016 in the German Championship!img_5624


Here’s how it went down the last two rounds:


Comin’ into the second to last round in Cheb, CZ I was down to 5th place in the overall standings.

Luckily I went to Cheb in August for a round of the G-Cup to make some practice laps. With that being said I arrived at the track on Friday afternoon. Friday evening it started raining and the rain didn’t stop until Sunday evening when the complete event was done.

Cheb is a very slick karting track with a lot of rubber in the asphalt. Therefore the off-road section was closed the complete weekend. Well, you would have to use a jetski to go there because it was flooded.

Saturday went with 2 free practices where I could find myself in the top 10. After second free practice the event was canceled for the day because of the weather conditions and all of the crashing riders (including me).

Sunday was a combined warm-up and qualify in one session from the morning with a following heat.

img_5625In the qualify was able to put the TM on a 2nd place on the starting grid after some suspension work the evening before.

In the heat I had a bad start but after turn 2 I was 3rd. The guys in front crashed and I went 2nd at the rest of the heat. The whole heat I kept extending my lead to the 3rd place crossing the finish line with over 30 seconds to 3rd place!

Cheb = 2nd place! Hereby I put myself back on the overall second place in the championship standings and back in the fight! Unfortunately it was too late to reach the overall first, by I had to fight for my second for sure!


Harz-Ring – final

I showed up late Friday evening, unfortunately not able to do the practice the days before. Only one thing img_5627was on my mind – Defend the overall second place!


The two times Free Practice went with getting a good flow and trying different lines in the off-road sections.

Qualifying wasn’t as good as I hoped. Couldn’t get the speed I wanted and was struggling too much with the bike despite different setups. Even though, I managed to get just inside of top 10 the place 10 on the starting grid.

Race 1

I managed to get a good start and kept pushing until the end! I crossed the checkered on place 5 – still in the battle for overall second in the championship!


Final race day of the season.


Tried to find a better flow in the last couple of laps before the last race, but didn’t seem to get it real good despite getting to place 7.

Race 2

After my finish the day before, I kept my second position in the overall championship, but still had to make a good race to keep me from dropping to 3rd.

Again I made a good start and kept pushing from the start until the end. On the last couple of laps I had company from the 88 of Christian Pacher but managed to stay in front of him at the checkered after some passing front and back.

I crossed the finish line on place 4 and hereby was able to call myself Vice Champion of the P3 class 2016!!



I am so happy to achieve this after all of the struggling with economical and technical problems during the complete season. Even more happy to get the title after almost not being able to walk last year! I cannot believe it..

The first and biggest thanks I have to give to my girlfriend – she has been so supportive in every way possible. Even when I was down the most and didn’t think it was possible to carry on with the rest of the season she managed to get me to pull myself together and go all in for the rest of the season! You know what they say – Behind every great guy, there’s a greater woman..

Next thanks would go to the awesome team Supermotostore Racing and all of my sponsors helping me out when I needed it the most.

Thanks to Andre Raab to have me in the team, Zite Goggles for a clear vision during the whole season, Ryno Power Europe for the nutrition, Rock Oil for lubing the bike, SBS for stopping that powerful TM, Falco Boots for keeping my feet and ankles safe and sliding perfectly, Erki for keeping my head safe with an LS2 helmet, Suicide Protection for supporting my knees, Rilesa and Compactree, Dennis Wounlund at and Thomas Rasmussen at for helping me out with my physique.

Thanks team mates and all of my other friends and competitors in Germany – for sure you’ve made it fun as hell!

Also a big congrats to my team mates J.P. Berges with the 3rd overall and also to Eike Moes for the Vice Champion title in the Over40 cup!


Photos by AUI-Photography


/Priergaard #19

German Supermoto Championship Rd4, Schaafheim

IMG_5391For at læse opdateringen på dansk – tryk læs mere!

Rasmus was at the previous weekend in the Southern Germany, where he would try to catch up on some of the lost two races ago.


The weekend’s race was held at Fahr-Werk Odenwaldring just outside of the city Schaafheim. In the daily, it’s a dedicated karting track but at this event the track was built together with a nearby motocross track which gave the ideal conditions for Supermoto racing.

Two years ago, Rasmus was on this track but with a different layout. Therefore, the first couple of free practices on Saturday went with getting to know the layout. However, he had to kiss the ground in the beginning of second free practice, which had a missing rear brake as a result the rest of the session – this gave the opportunity to get a feel of how hard you can brake by only using the front brake in the off-road!


A good feeling began to show at the end of the practice session but it wasn’t better than a 10th place in the qualify despite a 3rd place at the first practice session of the day.

Both of the races were held Sunday.


The weather on Sunday was like Saturday – on point! But with fine dust spread around the asphalt of the karting track, it didn’t make it easier for the riders.

The Warm-up session in the morning went really good with a second best laptime for Rasmus and better than his qualification time!


Race 1:

Rasmus was starting from the third row on the grid, which gave some challenges when the red lights went off.

The start was not the best and Rasmus was pushed some places back. The first couple of corners was filled with pushing, shoving and lots of elbow. When the field had sorted out a bit, the hunt for placements began. With aggressive riding Rasmus succeeded to get some positions back on an otherwise difficult track to pass on. However, Rasmus was unlucky to stall the bike in an attempt to outbrake some opponents in the off-road. When he got the bike going again, he was close to dead last.

The hunt for positions restarted and when he saw the checkered, it was on place 20.


Race 2:

Rasmus was better off the start but was pinched in the first corner again. Later during the race he managed to get back some positions and when he crossed the finish line it was on a strong 7th place!


Overall a good weekend despite a long time off the bike and a track not among the favorites.

Rasmus still keeps his 4th place in the championship standings.

In the time of writing we are sitting on the ferry Jutlandica on the way to the next round of the Danish Championship – this time on the track of Borås near Gothenburg, Sweden.

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German Supermoto Championship Rd1, Harsewinkel

12983904_869738886481813_978519777487586774_oRace Report

The first race of this season was to be held in the difficult conditions of the German spring weather. And with technical issues and changing weather conditions, the stage was set for a challenging start of the German Supermoto Championship season.



First free practice went by getting a good feel for the track and the bike and already from the start I could see my self in the top 3 of the lap times. The session ended with the fastest lap time.


The track started to dry up, and we could now go on full slicks. The feeling got better and better and at the end I would find my self at the top of the list of lap times yet again.


The qualify didn’t go as planned as only managed 6 laps before I had to pull out with a technical issue. But eventhough, I managed to get the 3rd best lap time of the qualify, so Sunday I could start on the first row of the starting grid!



Unfortunately we couldn’t get the technical issue from Saturdays qualify fixed for Sunday. But because I race in such an awesome team, my team colleague from the Ü40-class, Thomas Rützel would let me borrow his bike for the complete Sunday, so I could keep some points in the championship!

Therefore, the 10 min warm-up went by adjusting and getting used to the completely different bike.

Race 1:

Just before the first race, the skies opened and the track was soaked. Therefore we choose to go out on rain tires on both front and rear.

As the Rd1 of the championship was held on the spectacular track of Emstalstadion Harsewinkel – a sandbahn (speedway track) with a karting track in the middle – the slag from the sandbahn was pulled onto the tarmac creating a very tricky and slippery surface for racing.

I got a perfect start which could get me a good lead in front of my competitiors.

I lead the whole race but as the track started to dry, my front tire started to skip and with two laps to go I had to give the lead to my team mate J.P. Berges. I finished race 1 in 2nd place and was super satisfied!

Race 2:

For the second and last race of the weekend the track was completely dry, but still had a lot of dirt on the tarmac. Still, I chose to go on slicks front and rear.

The start went off and I was second in the first corner behind my team mate J.P. After passing him back for the lead I had to give it back to him as I started to struggle with the bike. Unfortunately the struggle wouldn’t end, and despite the fastest lap time of the race, I had to find myself in 4th place at the checkered flag.


Overall a very stressful weekend with a lot of hard work, but thanks to my amazing team colleauges I managed to get a 2-4 on a foreign bike! I’m super happy to leave the first round with a good handful of points in the bag.

Thanks to my girlfriend, Andre Raab, the complete Racing Team, Tobias, Niklas, Patrik and a special thanks to Thomas Rützel for lending me his bike – thanks!


See you at the next race in city of St. Wendel at the 21-22nd  May!


/ Rasmus Priergaard


Pic: Speedjunkee Racepics

Ryno Power Support 2016

IMG_5727We are very happy to announce that Rasmus will be a part of the Ryno Power EU support programme for 2016.

He has been using the products for a little over a month now, and the difference is noticeable he says.

“The difference is immediate! This is the first supplement I’ve ever used, where the difference is so convincing. The products give me the opportunity to get the maximum out of every trainíng and make my recovery a lot faster.
I’m impressed with how quick i could feel the effect in such a short time, so I look forward to see what the future will show!”

With the season just around the corner, Rasmus is increasing the preparation prior to the racing season.
The first time on the TM this year will be at Hamburg Motorradtage (HMT) in Germany, where Rasmus will ride at the Motorcycle Exhibition together with his teammates at Supermotostore Racing Team.